This Handsome Guy Fall In Love And Deceived By A Poser On His Account For Almost 2 Years. When He Found The Real Girl, Here's What Happened That Will Surely Surprise You

This is a love story shared by Geneva Delariarte Mopal, who happens to have a poser, one who pretends to be someone whose not.

On September 23, Geneva received a message from a girl asking her if she knows a guy named Manuel Canada. Geneva said, she doesn't know the guy.

When that girl told Geneva that she has a poser, she got nervous for the guy allegedly happened to be his boyfriend for almost 2 years since 2014.

Geneva again told that girl that she has no boyfriend for a long time already. That person messaged Geneva for Manuel was looking for him to tell the story and to meet the REAL Geneva.

After hours, Geneva had been able to talk with this guy. Manuel was crying in happiness. According to him, he was looking for Geneva for a couple of months already.

Eversince that day, Manuel and Geneva had been talking everyday and they had fallen in love in the end.

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