This Girl Revealed Secrets Of Her Boyfriend 'Mr. Fucboi' After Having Conversations With The Other Two Girlfriends

A secret is a piece of information that is only known by one person or a few people and should not be told to others. In social media, there are lots of secrets have have been unveiled.

An example of this is the man in this article who got busted after Louise, one of his three girlfriends revealed to netizens about this guy -- how irresponsible he really is.

Louise posted a picture of her boyfriend named JV Alamodiente and some of her conversations with the other girlfriends of JV. 

According to Louise, she thought that she is the only girl in her boyfriend's life for JV was always excited to see her for he has intimate relations with her. Louise also thought that JV is really the serious type of a guy because he introduced her to his family, not knowing that there are more girls who also got introduced to his family.

Louise wouldn't know that JV has a lot of secrets if it wasn't for the other girls. She posted some of their conversations of the other girlfriends, which include that JV's another girlfriend is pregnant.

Here's the entire post of Louise: Beware of this guy Girls! Super galing niya, best actor talaga! pati family niya kasabwat. pinakilala niya kameng lahat sa family niya that made us think that he's really the serious type of guy. Imagine 3 kameng pinagsabay sabay na wala kameng clue na niloloko na pala kame pero siyempre walang sikretong hinde nabubunyag, buking si Mr. Fucboi! beware girls ibang klaseng tao, 1 taon nyah kong pinaikot na kala ko ako lang tlaga dahil pag nagkikita kme parang laging tigang! Kala mo ako lang sinesex!hahaha namangka sa 3 ilog! baka meron pang gustong lumantad dyan?! Certified Fucboi with honda city Plate #
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