Sharlene San Pedro Of 'Going Bulilit' Suddenly Passes Out In The Middle Of Her Video Blog

Sharlene San Pedro, an actress and VJ and the graduate of children funny show "Going Bulilit" suddenly passes out in the middle of her video blog.

She made her video blog about her blood testing. Her companions were Miles Ocampo, Ate Isay and the nurse who will take the blood from her to be tested later. Before taking some blood from her, Sharlene gives some message if she will pass out.

The nurse is squeezing Sharlene's finger to take some blood. After few seconds of taking blood from her, Sharlene suddenly passes out. Her blood testing was discontinued because of the incident. Immediately, the nurse, Miles Ocampo and her other companion helped Sharlene to return to her chair.

After Sharlene recovery, they go only to eat some nutritious foods together with her companion. 

Sharlene said that she will not release her video blog because it is shameful.  

Source: newsinfo


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