Jhong Hilario Caught On Cam Rescuing An Old Man Who Was Hit By A Motorcycle In Magallanes Fly-Over

Jhong Hilario, 'It's Showtime' mainstay host and was elected as councilor of Makati's 1st district last year was caught on cam rescuing an old man who was hit by a motorcycle at the Magallanes fly-over.

A video of him is going viral on social media after he was seen in action by a bystander helping the old man who was ran over by the motorcycle. Jhong stopped to attend to the old man near the side of the road and offered his assistance while waiting for the medical aid and rescue. 

Many netizens have praised the councilor for serving his people when he is needed. 

This video has received hundred of shares from netizens who were happy to see their favorite host helping people those who are in need.

Watch the video below...


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