Girl In A Dress Carries Her Boyfriend On Her Back Just To Save His Leather Shoes Across Flood Waters.

A picture of a couple from China got a lot of reactions from social media. In the picture a girl in a dress carried her boyfriend on her back, just to save his leather shoes across flood waters.

Many men were envious of this man's girlfriend. One netizen wrote, “I would definitely marry that girl if I were that lucky guy. Where can I find a girl like that?”

But other netizens were not amused by the girl's act, saying that the man could have removed his leather shoes and walked through the flood waters himself. Although the girl's intention was to save her boyfriend's shoes from getting wet, netizens commented that the girl is naive or stupid.

Still, more people bashed the said couple. Another wrote: “I understand that it’s their relationship and I have no right to say anything, but isn’t this a little over-the-top? Dude, if you don’t want to ruin your leather shoes, just take them off! And I don’t even know how to describe that girl: naive or stupid?”

Source: Viral4Real


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