Blindfolded Dancer Tongue-Kisses 10 Strangers In A Row And Was Shocked When She Removed Her Blindfold. Guess Who's In Front Of Him?

A 25-year old blindfolded dancer named Dani Savka from Pennysylvania was required to kiss 10 complete strangers in a row who's eyes were also covered on Tuesday night's season premiere of the FYI reality series Kiss Bang Love.

Dani would make snap judgements about each man based on their kissing. From there she would remove the blindfold, kiss again the men and pick two men to share intimate overnight dates with. 

However, when the dancer removed the blindfold, she was shocked. One of the men was her ex-boyfriend named Daniel.

Dani's potential suitors were all screened by producers for compatibility, except for her ex-boyfriend. Daniel was chosen by Dani's friends Linsey and Natasha because they felt that Dani and Daniel had 'unfinished business.'

Eventhough Dani and Daniel were both blindfolded, they both felt an emotional connection when they locked lips. 

At the end of the episode, Dani chose her ex-boyfriend. They were still together, months later. The dancer is grateful that the new bizarre reality show brought her and Daniel together to rekindle their romance.

According to Dani:  “What I have learned is that a kiss can really bring you true compatibility with someone. It can also bring someone back who maybe you are supposed to be with.” 

Watch the video below...

Source: Dailymail


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