A Girlfriend 'Surprises' Her Boyfriend With These Pranks But What He Does In Return Is Even Worse

Surprising your boyfriend can be a great way to bring the two of you closer. Surprises leave a strong emotional impression and can even seem to stop time, shaking up expectations and making you both feel good.

The occasional surprise is an effective way to show your special guy how much you love him regardless of whether the relationship is new or long-lasting. You can learn to plan special treats, parties, more adult-themed fare to spice it up and other ways to show him you care.

But, for this girl, her 'surprises' to her boyfriend is different. It's something else that not everybody will laugh at this video.

This girl went to the room where her boyfriend is sleeping. She had a mineral water with her and eventually throws it to her boyfriend. Another incident is when the girl gave a sandwich to her boyfriend with a disgusting taste and a lot more pranks of the girl.

Apparently, this video was just a 'revenge' of the girl on her boyfriend's pranks.

But what her boyfriend does in return was even worse. While the girl was doing something, the guy lift the underwear of her girlfriend. When the girl is sleeping, the guy throws water to her behind. While they were in a restaurant, the guy throws pizza on the girl's face. While her girlfriend is waiting for him in the car, the guy throws chocolate drink to her.

Watch the video below...

Source:  Viral4Real


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